Digital team management

Improve team collaboration

In order to grow and succeed, businesses need to meet their goals and even assess how well they are doing it. But the problem is a wide range of tasks that need to be accomplished well within a stipulated timeframe. But doing it all manually – from prioritizing tasks to allotting them to keeping track of their progress and more can often overwhelm and even eat up a lot of time and effort. A faster, easier, and smarter way of doing this is to opt for effective team management software. With the right choice, the tasks that previously seemed complex, arduous, and time-consuming could be handled faster and more efficiently since the entire process would get streamlined.

If you are still in a dilemma about whether it would be worth paying money for team management software, remember that you can do a lot with it. Be it scheduling meetings and work, managing everyone’s tasks, getting a complete overview of your team’s work, and collecting data about completed activities, you can do all these and more. Thus, using a team management software would not only help you to coordinate everyone’s work but even boost collaboration and efficiency. Based on the nature of your work and your team’s size, you will need multiple software features to improve the teamwork and store as well as track important data and updates on your projects.

Securing your team management software

Since you will be using the internet to send, receive, share, and collaborate on projects, you should secure your internet connection to ensure your confidential information is away from prying eyes or those with malicious intent. You can use security services like virtual private network, which will encrypt your online interactions and activities, thus safeguarding your proprietary and sensitive data.

Let’s take a look at the numerous benefits that team management software can bring your way.

Top 3 benefits of team management software

  • Centralized management of tasks

When a team works on different projects or various aspects of the same project, the team members may often need to memorize multiple usernames, passwords, URLs etc. Even keeping track of all the projects your team is working on, the tools they use, and the activities they need to perform to complete their allotted tasks could be difficult. With a team management software, you can do all these easily as everything is located on a solitary user-friendly platform. While it makes the job of team members easier as they can see their allotted tasks, with whom they need to collaborate, the tools and other resources required for the job etc, the management (or the team leaders/project managers) can keep track of everything, thanks to the centralized integration and management of all the activities that the team executes and the tools as well as resources they use.

  • Task prioritization and workload distribution

A problem that most teams face is the way they should prioritize a range of tasks that comprise every stage of a project. The problem especially becomes more acute for multi-stranded, complex projects. Trying to do this humanly often means people getting distracted by low-priority, smaller tasks that end up putting everything else (which often includes the more important or high-value tasks) on the backburner. This, in turn, can cause deadlines to be missed or the whole project getting fragmented. However, when you use team management software, it will let you set priorities for each task at every phase of the project, thus ensuring that the most vital ones get completed on time. At the same time, it will also let you delegate tasks quickly and more efficiently apart from keeping track of every team member’s workload.

  • Improved deadline and time management

For any business, missed deadlines could be a big headache. The issue becomes a serious risk in case of complicated, multi-faceted projects where a single missed deadline can have a snowball effect across several associated tasks, thus potentially influencing the overall delivery date of the project. With team management software that has task management features, each team members will get regular reminders on each of their tasks, which will help them steer clear of missed or forgotten deadlines. Some software even let you factor in a small amount of tolerable slippage time into every task, which would help in case unexpected circumstances threaten the deadline of a task.

An equally important aspect is efficient time management. With team management software that comes equipped with time management features, you can keep an eye on the amount of time spent by every team member on each task of a project allotted to him/her. This will help you to get a clear understanding of which assignments/projects need more time than others, and even re-allot tasks (to someone who handles a specific task faster and more efficiently than another team member), thus letting you plan your next project more effectively. You can even use the software to track individual employee productivity, which will enable you to decide areas where additional training or employee development may be necessary.