What happen if you combine and integrate two awesome tools?

Have you heard about Slack?

No? So you need to catch up. Slack is an awesome platform for team communication – “everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go“.

It’s really great! You can easily improve your team communication by creating open channels, projects and topics that the whole team shares. What we love the most in Slack?
– splendid search feature
– easy way to attach pictures and others
– beautiful design
– simplicity

It’s just “everything in one place”!

To provide you with essential value of your work

We’ve integrated tinyPM with Slack! Now you can check what happen when two awesome tools are working together to bring you everything that is necessary to do a great job!

This is one of these tiny things that help you to transform your good team into a great team! Now you can stay up to date with every change that was made in tinyPM. This integration will post updates to a channel in Slack whenever a story or task activity occurs. How cool is that? 

That’s why we’ve decided to integrate our tinyPM with Slack – to provide you with essential value of being always aware of what’s going on with your projects. Getting notified about every change will helps you to manage your team and your projects more effeiciently.

How to connect your tinyPM with Slack?

It’s quite simple and intuitive. You just need to enable Slack integration with tinyPM just create an Incoming WebHook in your Slack:

  • Open Slack
  • Click on the dropdown next to your team name and select Configure integrations
  • Select Incoming WebHooks
  • Copy the Webhook URL to your clipboard

Once you create Incoming WebHook in Slack:

  • Open your tinyPM
  • Go to “Application Settings”
  • Click on Slack integration
  • Paste WebHook URL

That’s it! As simple as that. Now, working with tinyPM and Slack integration you will save your time, manage your projects way better that before and communicate more efficiently.

Tell us about your feelings with regards to tinyPM and Slack integration. We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback.