Digital Tools for Agile Teams

3 Essential Digital Tools for Agile Teams

If you’re part of an agile team, you know that communication and cooperation among the members are essential. The group must work in the most efficient manner to make the right software adjustments on a constant basis. With that in mind, here are three collaborative tools perfect for any agile team.

1) GitHub

Arguably the most important collaborative tool for agile software developers is GitHub. The app helps you and your team see an overview of the project at hand. It all starts with the introduction of an issue, which members can use to brainstorm coding ideas. Plus, it’s easy to assign roles to each individual.

GitHub allows members to share nearly any type of file with the whole agile team. You can rearrange tasks anytime you like. After all, the aspects that require changing vary week to week depending on user feedback. Adding comments and pull requests is easy and quick. Do you need to talk to a specific member? Just mention them and they will receive a notification.

2) ClickUp

An agile team must always succeed in meeting objectives as soon as they arrive. ClickUp is designed to help you organize a project in any way you want to. The app provides a variety of statuses, but you can set up your own to better describe the project. If you do need help, there are templates to choose from.

You can have the same checklist appear with every new project — you don’t have to remember it all the time. Also, you can view each and every task with ease. If a task needs multiple members, you can assign it to them all at once. Plus, you can hide other tasks so that you can focus on the ones assigned to you.

3) ActiveCollab

This works on both desktop PCs and smartphones since it has a sleek and intuitive mobile app. Creating and assigning tasks isn’t hard. Similarly, setting deadlines is done with a simple tap or two. Knowing the benefits of VPN for business companies is a good thing, but ensuring efficiency among the team members is just as important.

Once a task is achieved, you can adjust the schedule and predict when the product can be delivered with relative accuracy. ActiveCollab even has elements of a social networking site; there’s a comment section where you can even give likes and other reactions. Once everything is done, you can create the invoices there as well.  

Agile software development is on the rise as more and more companies realize the importance of user participation. If agile teams want to guarantee customer satisfaction, they must learn to collaborate using the best tools and resources.